The worldwide interest in international golfing tournaments has grown steadily, and that interest has been bolstered by live coverage on both television and online.

The fact that the PGA Tour’s broadcast rights were recently extended to 2030 by current license holders CBS Sports and NBC Sports gives some sort of an idea of just how popular the interest in golf has become.

The interest in golf betting

In 2021, golf courses can be found in 85% of the countries of the world. Put another way, 208 of the globe’s 245 nations play golf. This international familiarity of the game has made professional golfing tournaments a focus of interest – not only for the viewing public, but also for the betting community.

Golf betting currently enjoys third place behind football and horse racing in popularity. Before checking out the best sites on the internet to place golfing bets, let’s take a glance at what exactly betting on this particular sport entails.

Golf betting is different to betting on other sports

One of the key things to betting on golf is to firstly understand just how different it is to betting on most other forms of professional sport. By comparison, other games tend to be faster paced – football, horse racing and even tennis, being prime examples.

Perhaps golf betting can be best described as being something akin to share trading or stock portfolio management. Or, perhaps a game of chess, rather than checkers.

In that sense, golf betting can be considered to be quite unique and set apart from other streams of sports betting. It requires a slightly different form of strategy, and this perhaps holds an appeal to those with a taste for planning rather than fast excitement. 

Check the odds

You can get a lot of background from the ‘experts’ who will describe the course set-up and which particular players it will suit. By the same token, you can also get awfully confused by following the commentary of experts and tipsters.

Remember that all of these quoted factors tend to be analyzed and reflected in the odds and payouts. In short, make it a point to check the odds first. 

Backing a single player

Betting on one player – in other words, betting on the ultimate winner of a tournament – is perhaps the most basic, and commonplace form of golf betting strategy.

Even with some foreknowledge and appreciation of the game, picking and backing one ultimate winner and following that player through a four-day tournament can be something of a long shot. 

Portfolio betting strategy

Backing a portfolio of players is perhaps a more sound gaming strategy. Golfing is typically a ‘large field’ event that sees up to half of that field eliminated in the first couple of days of a tournament. 

Selecting a stable of players is an option that many golf betters take up, and it can be quite an interesting exercise putting together that pick.

Trading players

One of the characteristics of golf that sets it apart from other sports betting is the measured, sedate pace of the game. That characteristic lends itself to the option of trading – buying or selling – players as betting choices during the game.

For some this can be a time consuming exercise. For others, it adds an additional dimension of intrigue and interest to the game. Whichever way, enjoy that golfing bet sensibly and intelligently!