The best golf shot-tracking systems for 2018

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Fancy tracking your stats and identifying where you need to improve over winter? Equipment editor James Savage picks out five of the top devices on the market

Best golf shot-tracking systems: Arccos 360

Best golf shot-tracking sytems

How it works: The Arccos technology has gone from strength to strength over the past couple of years.

And it is now available as standard in the Cobra F9 range of woods and irons.

If you’ve bought a Cobra driver or set of irons over the past 12 months the Arccos sensors are already built-in to the grips.

Cobra F7 driver review Arccos

If not, sensors are purchased and screwed into the grip of your clubs and then paired with an app on your phone.

With your phone placed in a front pocket, the sensor detects when you are hitting a shot and automatically tracks your movements ahead of the next shot.

Or you can now operate the Arccos 360 system with an Apple Watch which will detect your shots rather than the phone.

Best golf shot-tracking systems

And they have now introduced the Caddie 2.0 platform which will suggest the club you should hit based on your yardages.

It will use the course GPS information and even account for weather conditions.

Best golf shot tracking systems

Pros: There’s no need to tag clubs before each shot. There’s an impressive array of data available in the app and after you’ve played a few rounds it really starts to highlight your strengths and weaknesses.

It gives you average distances for each club so takes into account the conditions and mis-hits to give you good averages over a period of time.

Best golf shot-tracking systems

Cons: It relies on your phone which some people won’t like. If you’re someone who likes to switch your phone off during a round then this device probably isn’t for you.

SRP: £249

Click here to read our full review.

More information can be found on the Arccos website.

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