We take a look at the best golf irons 2019 and give the lowdown on whether these are the sets that could take your game to the next level this season.

Best golf irons 2019: Wilson D7

Wilson say that the D7 irons will give you power when you need it and precision when you want it.

That’s all well and good but how are they going to deliver on that promise?

Well, the Wilson D7 still has the company’s ‘power hole’ technology which featured on the C300 and D300 models. However, this time it’s more progressive meaning more power holes in the longer irons and fewer in the shorter ones.

The Wilson power holes help to add extra ball speed which allows the face to flex more.

There’s also an ultra thin face and even lower CG than with the D300 which is very important considering the lofts on these irons.

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