In need of a read? Our team of writers have picked out their favourite fiction tales based around our sport

Hannah Holden, Dan Murphy and George Oldham have picked out the five best golf fiction books for you.

Amen Corner

Rick Shefchik

The only thing better than a good crime book is a good crime book about golf. Even better, one that discusses all the small little ridiculous political golf rules that often go unspoken.

Sam Skarda is a police detective who has won the US Publinx and with it an invitation to play in the Masters. On the morning he arrives at Augusta the body of the rules committee chairman is found near the 12th green. Evidence suggests the murder may be linked to an ongoing protest by a women’s group demanding the club admit women members. Skarda is tasked with finding the killer before the investigation invades Augusta National’s privacy.

Shefchik uses the scene of Augusta and the game of golf as a brilliant background to a smart fiery plot line. Not only did I find the whole thing extremely entertaining, I also learnt a new thing or two about Augusta National.

Since we’ve missed our Augusta fun at the start of this year why not get your fair share in this fun read. HH

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