Cobra are back for 2023 with a set of game improvement irons. But this time round, key Aerojet technologies make these irons better than ever before...

It’s a fact: most of the golf shots you hit will be with your irons. So investing in a quality set that suits you is more important than ever before.

With so many options out there, it’s hard to choose one brand to pick a set of irons from, as they offer something for all different levels of golfers.

Cobra produce some outstanding golf irons that shouldn’t be overlooked by any golfer. Their clubs rival the very best golf irons on the market, especially with this year’s new releases already available to buy.

Jack Backhouse and Hannah Holden got their hands on Cobra’s newest models earlier this month, and were seriously impressed with the all-round performance on offer.

Below we take a look at the best cobra irons of all time, best cobra irons for beginners, best cobra irons for high handicappers, best cobra irons for mid handicap golfers and even best cobra irons for seniors.

Best Cobra Irons 2023

Cobra Aerojet irons

5 star review
Cobra Aerojet irons
Reviewed by Hannah Holden

Cobra products always have a really fast, sporty look, and these irons are no different. Visually they have a different shaping to lots of irons with a higher and more square toe which is more exaggerated in the long irons.

Straight away, it was clear to see these irons were very long. I usually expect to get 174 yards of carry with my 5-iron, and on average, this was carrying 9.8 yards longer at 184.8 yards. That is some serious carry distance!!

The only slight negative could be the fact the ball flight is slightly lower than ideal but I didn’t find this to be an issue when I took it out on the golf course and personally I am not looking for something that launches super high.

What I found interesting here was I pulled a few shots, but across the board, the distance was extremely consistent from front to back. They’re definately some of the best Cobra game improvement irons around.


  • Exceptionally long
  • Relatively compact shaping
  • Forgiving on off centre strikes


  • Not as workable as other models

Cobra King CB irons

Best Callaway Drivers 2022
Reviewed by Jack Backhouse

This is a classic iron. It could be in the history books from any era with its timeless design. CB irons users tend to stay in the CB model head for life and tend to be a judgemental bunch who have very specific requirements from their iron. They are definitely going to like the new Cobra King CB. I really like that Cobra have kept the back of the club simple and understated.

At address, these aren’t as intimidating as you might expect, as the top line is not super thin, and the head from heel to toe is a good size.

The amazing feel off of the face from the King CB irons is down to Cobra’s 5-stage forging process. This process is longer than the normal forged iron build, but it ensures clubs can be made to tighter tolerances and consistency to ensure each iron is of the highest quality.

The Cobra King CB irons are a great option for forged iron lovers who want some classic eye candy in the bag. They feel phenomenal on a good strike and give you plenty of feedback on the poor shots. If your grooves are looking a little worn and you want to keep your irons traditional, these are a terrific option.


  • Contact feels buttery
  • Not super intimidating at address
  • Very little offset for greater control


  • Not the most forgiving irons, so won’t suit poor ball strikers.

Cobra King MB irons

4.5 star review
Reviewed by Jack Backhouse

This is a classy-looking blade. The shiny toe and heel give you the feeling that you could be stood over any great blade from history, so traditionalists are going to love the Cobra’s new King MB iron. I really like that Cobra have kept the back of the club simple and understated.

My average distances with these short irons are longer than I thought I’d see from a blade. The gapping is spot on, and the left-to-right dispersion is excellent. I had some poor strikes with the pitching wedge which explains the distance from off, but they all finished down the target line which is a huge win.

Something that’s great about the King MB irons is that they were designed to seamlessly merge with the King CB irons to create a split set. Using a full set of blades is generally going to harm your performance but people do want to use them, so a split set is a great option.

The Cobra King MB irons are a great option for blade lovers who want some classic eye candy in the bag. They feel phenomenal on a good strike and give you plenty of feedback on the poor shots. I really enjoyed hitting these irons and they could potentially be the irons I use for the new season once I get the opportunity to test the whole set!


  • Contact feels brilliant
  • Not super intimidating at address
  • Very little offset for greater control


  • Not the most forgiving irons, so won’t suit all golfers.

Cobra King Tour irons

4.5 star review
Reviewed by Jack Backhouse

The Cobra King Tour iron is stunning. Its shaping is so clean it feels traditional; over the ball you can’t tell that the head is packed with technology that’s going to help you get the ball up in the air easier and be more forgiving on off-centre hits.

You can straight away feel the power in these clubs. Shots seem to shoot from the face despite soft feel from the multi-material heads, I’m not surprised these have gone straight into the bag of Rickie Fowler, a long-time pure blade player.

I thoroughly enjoyed hitting these irons, and hit them multiple times throughout the testing week. I am drawn to these irons because they have a short blade length and sit quite compact behind the ball and because they actually get airborne consistently, I feel like a player too.


  • Classic-looking iron with a thin top line
  • Fast ball speeds across the face
  • Forgiving on off-centre strikes


  • Quite a lot of offset for a player’s iron

The Best Cobra Irons 2023

How do we test irons?

At National Club Golfer we are passionate about producing accurate and thorough reviews and make sure our testing process is rigorous so we get a good understanding of how each club performs.

Each iron is hit with Pro V1 golf balls to allow us to collect launch monitor data with our in-house TrackMan and Flightscope. After this it is time to head out onto the golf course and test the clubs in practice and competition play. We do this across a variety of golf clubs in our base of Yorkshire.

What is important when buying a new iron?

When buying a new set of irons it is important to know what you want from that club to help you improve.

Most people are looking for more distance, each iron model is optimised for different things. Depending on your swing and your impact conditions, you may not actually hit the model that is advertised as the longest, the furthest. So if you want more distance it is always worth giving different models a hit before you make a decision.

For most golfers, especially high handicappers, something that is more forgiving is going to yield the best performance. Most forgiving golf irons have a slightly bigger club head with perimeter weighting for high MOI. They also have a center of gravity that is further back to help players get more height on their shots.

Do you want something that is draw bias? There are so many models out there to help with slice correction, it would be silly not to take a look if you see your ball disappearing into the right trees too often. A closed face and draw bias weighting can get you hitting straighter shots in no time at all.

Don’t forget about the shaft either. Getting the correct shaft can help dial in your spin, launch angle and can also give you some extra distance. Having a club fitting or trying different options with your local pro can really improve the performance of your new driver.

The Best Cobra Irons 2023: FAQ’s

What are the latest Cobra irons?

The Aerojet line from Cobra is their latest model of irons. These irons have proved to be some of the best all-round irons we have tested this year,

What’s different in the latest Cobra irons?

Cobra are back for 2023 with the replacement to their popular LTDx range, the Aerojet, a set of game improvement irons.

Cobra Aerojet irons

Again the key Aerojet technologies continue into the game improvement irons.

They do also feature a polymer feel system which is an injected polymer filler inside the hollow area of the club head. This dampens vibration for a softer, more forged-like feel and sound at impact.

What Cobra irons do the pros use?

Currently there are four tour players among the top players in the world gaming Cobra irons. This list includes Hideki Matsuyama, Bryson DeChambeau and Rickie Fowler.

These players are using Cobra equipment, not just their irons, in fact!

Ben Outhwaite

Marketing Editor

Ben is National Club Golfer's Marketing Editor and the latest addition to our golf equipment review team. He specialises in testing golf bags, beginner golf club sets, apparel and golf accessories. He also collates our buying guides so you know which are the latest and greatest bits of golf equipment on the market. Ben picked up his first golf club when he was five years old – which was in fact a left-handed set of clubs! He is a member at Rudding Park Golf Club and has a handicap of fifteen.

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