The leaves are falling, but don't let your golf game take a hit! Get autumn-ready with these top picks of golf clothing

It was nice while it lasted, wasn’t it? After some scorching hot days throughout July and August it looks like the sun has finally retreated back into its hideout.

With the fall of summer brings the rise of autumn. This means shorter daylight hours, cooler temperatures and changing golf course conditions.

Expect to see an abundance of leaves, brown tree-lined fairways, thinning grass and firmer ground.

But golf is an all-year round sport, and yet in many ways autumn can be the best stage of the golf season to enjoy a round in, especially when you dress properly.

So what should you be using to play golf at this time of the year?

On the following pages are a range of golf clothing suggestions on how to gear up properly for fall golf, including accessories, equipment and golf wear.

But if the sun decides to make a guest appearance this autumn, you’ll need a fresh golf outfit. Check out these must-have accessories for the club golfer to keep you protected and beat the heat.

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