Last month, we took five readers to Heythrop Park in Oxfordshire for a complete tour training experience. We gave them access to swing, putting and short-game coaches along with experts in nutrition and golf psychology and a brand-new set of Benross clubs. We wanted to track their progress over the course of the summer season, and here are their latest thoughts.

Jonny Marsh
Handicap 8
+ I tended to average 35 to 40 putts a round, so that is definitely my major weakness. After the coaching I’m knocking in four or five-feet putts whereas before I would just accept that I was going to miss. It doesn’t feel like luck, it feels like it’s consistent.
The irons were probably for a higher handicapper. The heads are quite big and taking a little getting used to.

Ian Pringle
Handicap 12
+ My putting has been very positive, and using the drills has improved that magical quality of confidence. If you’ve got confidence in your stroke and you can get the ball rolling in a way that you want, then it’s a great feeling.
With the new clubs it’s a work in progress. I’ve had rounds where I hit them really nicely, but not yet consistently.

Lilja Arnorsdottir
Handicap 28
+ I have a really good feeling that the clubs will improve my game in the long run because they suit my swing perfectly. The custom fitting has definitely helped, and I’m also happy with my putting, which has improved.
I’ve been travelling a lot during the last month, so I haven’t played as much as I wanted to. I am looking forward to more golf in the next few months!

Gudjon Reynisson
Handicap 24
+ I feel like the new Benross clubs have helped to improve my game. I’ve also been working on my short game, which has been a problem for quite some time. I got some really simple but clear instructions and reminders of a couple of things that I had forgotten and it has made all the difference.
I haven’t been able to play as much as I would like.

Darryl Gwilliam
Handicap +2
+ I’ve been really impressed with the new irons, they are really strong. During the swing biomechanics session I pointed out that I keep pulling my hamstring when I swing. Richard said my left foot position was in a stress position. Now it all lines up naturally and feels great.
My previous driver was my baby so it’s difficult to make the change.