Our Benross HTX compressor driver review took place at Moor Allerton in Leeds.

I hit shots out on the course then we gathered some numbers on Trackman back at The Golf Shack – our purpose-built testing facility.

Benross HTX Compressor driver review – First impressions

Well there are two drivers in this new range from Benross – the HTX Compressor and HTX Compressor Type-R.

We have to talk about the price first. The regular model comes in at £149 and the Type-R at £199.

That is seriously competitive in market where we are seeing many driver now costing over £400.

It has to be said that these drivers don’t have the same premium looks at the Callaway and TaylorMade models but there’s not a lot to pick fault with.

They both have a fairly large but classic headshape with a really helpful alignment aid.

HTX Compressor

Benross HTX Compressor driver review

Both models I tested had a Kuro Kage 50g stiff shaft. That’s a premium shaft which is also offered in drivers which cost more than double what these do.

HTX Compressor Type-R

Benross HTX Compressor driver review

There’s also a nice Lamkin UTX grip as standard too so they’ve not scrimped on the components at all.

Benross HTX Compressor driver review – The technology

The regular model is a very simple, non-adjustable driver which is aimed at getting the ball nice and high.

Benross HTX Compressor driver review

It’s aimed more at players who might struggle to launch the driver so sits in the game-improvement category.

The Type-R is slightly more compact but still friendly and is fully adjustable.

Benross HTX Compressor driver review

There’s adjustable loft in the hosel from 9-12˚ and a sliding weight to speed up or slow down the toe for draw/fade bias.

Both drivers utilise the CT response channel behind the face – which we saw in the last two HTX drivers – to get a bit more flex and ball speed.

Benross HTX Compressor driver review – The results

It would be reasonable to expect a drop in performance compared to the more premium drivers here.

But that wasn’t really the case. My good shots with the HTX compressor drivers – particularly the Type-R were arguably just as good as those with my TaylorMade M2.

Benross HTX Compressor review

I’d say the off-centre performance is possibly a bit better on my M2 which is why the averages are a bit better.

But overall, I can’t pick too much fault with the performance.

The regular model was a but high and spinny for me but the Type-R was looking good.

With a proper custom-fitting, I could easily get dialled into to this driver and use it out on the course.

Benross HTX Compressor driver review – NCG verdict

I say it every year. Benross make products which are fantastic value for money.

You see the price and think the performance can’t be up there with the TaylorMades and Callaways – but it is.

If you want a brand new driver, and want to spend less than £200, I’d highly recommend both the HTX Compressor models.

Where they don’t quite compete with the more premium brands is in the looks and feel. And also I’d argue the performance on off-centre hits isn’t quite as good.

So why don’t more people use Benross gear? I can only put it down to snobbery and loyalty to the bigger brands.

It’s nothing to do with how well the gear performs.

HTX Compressor: £149
Lofts: 10.5˚, 12˚, 14˚
Stock shaft: Kuro Kage Black TiNi

HTX Compressor Type-R: £199
Lofts: 9-12˚
Stock shaft: Kuro Kage Black TiNi

For more information visit the Benross website.