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Our tests suggest Benross’s 2013 kit is their best ever. So what happened when we got three readers to do a custom-fit long-term test?

We invited three readers of varying handicaps to be custom-fitted for a full set of Benross clubs by the company’s technical expert Scott Nightingale at Moor Allerton Golf Club in north Leeds.

Benross built the clubs to their specifications and sent them out to our panel. We then spoke to the readers once they had had the chance to test the new clubs thoroughly both on the practice ground and out on the course. Here’s how they got on…

Ben Campbell

Handicap: 2
His game: I’m someone used to playing blades and really traditional clubs
First impressions: The head shapes are really nice –  I was amazed by how good these looked. I’ve never used a hybrid before but I think I will now. The irons are fantastic even for me, it’s really opened my eyes.
Benross spec: Rip Speed driver (10˚). Rip Speed 14˚ fairway. Rip Speed 20˚ hybrid (all X flex). Rip irons (4-P). Zip It 52 & 58˚ wedges (all with Dynamic Gold S300 shafts).
What Scott thought: I’d be happy to let Ben choose himself whether he wants to go stiff or X in his woods. He’s a good enough player to make up his own mind. I think stiff of all day but it’s up to him. What a striker this boy is – when he collects the ball it’s just royale with cheese!
Long-term verdict: It’s nice to use the technology rather than fight it with blades like I have been doing. I have found the rescue club to be a great addition to my bag. It offers another option off the tee as well as being something I can attack par 5s with.
What a striker this boy is – when he collects the ball it’s just royale with cheese!

Mike Goodman

Handicap: 18
His game: I knew my set was a bit of a mish mash and suspected they weren’t working well together so I was looking forward to seeing what the expert said.
First impressions: I can see there’s now a balance to the set. The fitting was brilliant.
Benross spec: Max Speed driver (14˚). Max Speed 18 & 22˚ fairways. Max Speed 32˚ hybrid. Max Speed irons 7-SW (shafts: regular graphite)
What Scott thought: I was thrilled with Mike’s new driver. His old one, which had 10.5˚ was miles off. He’s now carrying it 179 and running out to 195, which is a total gain of 25 yards! This set might look unusual but as a fitter all I am concerned with  is plugging the distance gaps.
Long-term verdict: I’ve been really pleased with the whole range. The driver is probably the best I’ve ever had and it is going 25 yards further than before. The fairway woods are much straighter, and I’ve ditched the old 3 wood that I used to carry. The hybrid is a new club for me, but I used to find it really hard to hit a consistent 5 iron so it has added a better option.

Alan Tobias

Handicap: 14
His game: I was off 8 but then had a quadruple heart bypass. I retired in 2010 – I was a scientist working in the nuclear power industry so I’m comfortable with technology.
First impressions: Long irons are the weakest part of my game so I’m delighted to get rid!
Benross spec: Hot Speed driver (12˚). Hot Speed 16 & 20˚ fairways. Hot Speed 22 & 25˚ hybrids. Hot Speed 7-P irons. Zip It 48 and 56˚ wedges (all with regular shaft)
What Scott thought: Alan hit the clubs fantastically well. His existing driver had 12˚ so that was good but he was struggling with his 3 wood and long irons so we’ve made that a lot easier for him.
Long-term verdict: The new set took a little while to get used to because of the graphite shafts, but I’m consistently hitting my driver much further which is excellent. I really like the feel of the lob wedge, and since the fitting I have invested in a gap wedge which is really helping with short approaches. I’m still not convinced by the hybrids. Overall I’m very happy with the clubs.

How Benross’ Speed range works

This year’s range from Benross is headlined by the Rip, Hot and Max Speed drivers, which are a real treat.
Each has a different head and Aldila shaft and one is guaranteed to match your game. The Rip Speed is designed for powerful players with 10˚ of loft, a deep face, traditional pear-shaped profile and will give a low to mid launch for power and control.
The Hot Speed has 12˚ of loft, a more modern head design, dual crown technology and a high-MOI head while the Max Speed has 14˚, a wider, shallower head shape and offers maximum forgiveness on mis-hits.
Exactly the same theory is applied throughout the fairways, hybrids and irons. The Rip range is aimed at the powerful, more traditional player, the Hot offers extra forgiveness and playability while the Max range is the easiest to use and flight.
It means you can easily identify the best range for you.
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