Benross Golf has teamed up with Cancer Research UK to launch a new waterproof promotion for the club golfer, with old garments being donated to Cancer Research shops across the UK.

Consumers have the chance to trade in their current golfing garments to participating Benross retailers, and will receive a up to £30 off a brand new Benross XTEX Waterproof suit.

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Martin Thompson, Benross Golf Sales Director for the UK and Europe said: “We are really excited to be able to launch this win win promotion to our UK retailers. 

“The golfer will get £30 off a brand new Benross waterproof suit and at the same time knowing that any garment he/she trades in will be raising money for fantastic cause! 

“I believe this is a real first in the UK golf industry and believe it will be a tremendous success for all involved!”

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Benross Golf will take all traded in suits and clothing, and donate them directly to Cancer Research UK shops. 

To see how much Benross has raised so far, please visit our JustGiving page at

This promotion is running from May to July 30th 2015.