Located just 24 miles south of the Arctic Circle lies the spectacular panoramic port of Siglufjordur in Iceland.

It is here that biotechnology company Genis produce Benecta, a natural food supplement. Benecta is a crustacean-derived short-chain chitosan designed to help you, as the company slogan suggests, “defy your age”.

Benecta’s philosophy is that the quality of your life need not be compromised or determined by your age.


Just two capsules each morning can help with the everyday symptoms often associated with ageing, such as stiff joints and lethargy.

We were curious to hear from some of our readers who have been using Benecta to see if the supplement was having an impact on their ability to play golf.

Reader 1: Janice Kennard

Janice, 78, was born in Richmond, Surrey but now lives in Maidstone, Kent, where she is a member of Cobtree Manor Park.

Benecta reader test“I have a groin strain, but I have now totally recovered with no loss of fitness. It must be down to Benecta. I had five weeks’ rest due to injury when I first started the course. The first time I played 18 holes after the break I did not feel tired at all.

“It was a pleasant surprise. The main improvement I have had since taking Benecta is I seem to be more relaxed and I am not so stiff when I get up in the mornings.

“My family and friends have also noticed a considerable improvement in my general wellbeing. I have been very pleased with my Benecta experience – I would certainly recommend it to others.”

Reader two: Wendy Constant

Wendy, 65, is from Aberdeen but lives in London. She is a member of Horton Park, where she is the ladies’ vice-captain and handicap secretary.

Benecta reader test“I suffer from lower back pain that continues down my right leg – particularly following a round. I have seen a definite improvement in my general health since I started taking Benecta.

“It has lifted my mood as I don’t get so tense. I now laugh at myself if I play a stupid shot! I have more endurance and energy when playing. We have just come back from our annual four days at Ashbury, which is on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon so it’s very hilly.

“Last year I was in agony every night, but not this year. I still have to take painkillers, but about a quarter as many as I used to. Mostly now I just take one at night now, and that included these few days on our trip. My family have noticed a lighter note to my overall mood and I am so pleased I offered to do this trial.

“I am now buying Benecta and recommending it to others, both at the golf club and at work for colleagues with aches and pains.”

Reader three: Steve Winchcombe

Steve, 56, is from Wendover in Buckinghamshire and plays his golf at Chiltern Forest, an undulating course that provides a demanding walk.


“As I play on a hilly course and carry my clubs, I suffer from a lot of joint pain in my shoulders and knees.

“Since I started the Benecta course my joints did not hurt and stamina levels vastly improved. Benecta has made it easier for me to play as I now complete a round without being in pain and tired out which has improved my game as I swing more freely.

“My wife commented that I was moving around a lot easier and that I was not tired out after a round of golf.

“Being able to move without pain is a great benefit and I feel better in myself like I have the energy to do other activities after playing golf where before taking the tablets I was lethargic.

“It has been a benefit to me and would recommend people to try it for a month and see for themselves.”

About Benecta


From what is Benecta made?

It is made from short-chain chitosan extracted from crustaceans.

What are the benefits?

Anecdotal evidence suggests that Benecta has the most noticeable effect on older people who want to continue to live an active lifestyle. From cyclists to Ironmen, wind surfers to golfers, Benecta helps them live the life they want to lead and to defy their age.

Who can take Benecta?

Benecta can be taken by most people but is not recommended for under 18s, those who are pregnant or anyone with an allergy to shellfish. As it is made from natural ingredients Benecta can be taken alongside any other medication or food supplements.

Where can you buy Benecta?

Online only from the Benecta website.

Anything else?

NCG’s Alex Perry headed to Siglufjordur to learn all about Benecta and how it is made. You can read that here.