How to build a beginner golf club set

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Compiling a beginner golf club set doesn't need to break the bank. Equipment editor James Savage gives his top tips for buying your first set

One of the perceptions about golf is that it’s too expensive and daunting to put together a beginner golf club set.

But in our opinion, that is more of a perception rather than a reality.

Putting together a beginner golf club set is cheaper and easier than you might think.

It would always be our advice to go and see a PGA professional to get custom-fitted for a set of golf clubs but we need to wind things back a bit when looking at those getting into golf for the first time.

Here our our top tips for putting together a beginner golf club set.

1. Borrow clubs from friends or the driving range

Most driving ranges will have clubs you can borrow or hire.

If you’ve never been and hit balls, how can you know which golf clubs to buy?

The selection may not be great but see if you can get some clubs with regular flex shafts and stiff shafts.

beginner golf club set

Hit both and see which ones feel easiest to use and have the best results.

Alternatively ask any golfing friends if they have any clubs you can borrow to get a feel for which ones seem to be working well for you.

Shaft flex isn’t all about speed, it’s often about the speed of the transition from backswing to down swing.

However, if you are a fairly slow swinger, you should be able to square the face of the club more easily with a lighter regular flex shaft.

Beginner golf club set

Faster swingers tend to get more control with heavier, stiffer shafts.

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