Many club golfers – myself included – have a problem with cavity backs. So much so that we invest in sets of players’ irons instead of the larger, more forgiving heads we need.

We justify our use of blades as a way to ‘lower the ball flight’ or ‘get a bit more control’ but the truth is we can’t stand the stick we’d receive if we were caught wielding a game improvement set.

I play (badly) off seven and use a set of Titleist CB irons. I hit them well probably one in three rounds. My friend – also named Joe – plays off 22 and uses Ping S56s. I’ve never seen him strike an iron properly.

Ben Curtis – he plays off scratch, I think – has won the Open Championship and several other PGA Tour events including the Texas Open at the weekend. He uses Titleist’s AP1 irons, which are a game improvement set aimed at the low-teens player.

It seems stupid, then, that myself and countless other players across the UK think they will only be recognised as a good player if they use irons aimed at the category one golfer. Everyone needs help on a mis-hit, after all.

Are you the same? Or do you know someone who is? Do you think our delusional attitude is preventing our handicaps from coming down?

Let me know by commenting below.