'Mate, you're STILL in my way – can you move please?'

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The Angry Club Golfer has some advice on how to deal with those in your eyeline

Don’t you just hate it when you’re going to take a shot and someone’s stood in your eyeline? It’s just basic golf etiquette.

Why don’t they get it? And why does it happen EVERY. SINGLE. ROUND?

Our Angry Club Golfer knows how to deal with them…

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About Angry Club Golfer

Our club golfer plays more golf than anyone on the planet (stats unconfirmed) – which means there is plenty for him to get wound up about. Don’t worry, he knows how to rake a bunker…

As we’re very nice here at National Club Golfer, we thought we would give him a platform on which to get it all off his chest.

Now we want to hear from you. What annoys you about things others do on the golf course? Or do YOU do something that is annoying? You can contact us on Twitter or on our Facebook page – and you never know, maybe one day you’ll feel the wrath of the Angry Club Golfer.

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