Andy Sullivan tips: Simplify your bunker technique

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How a triangle can get you into the right position for all your escapes..

Everyone has this misconception that they have to cut across the ball when playing from sand. In my opinion that is rubbish as it makes it so hard to get the ball started on the right line when doing that.Andy Sullivan tips

I set up thinking of my feet and the ball making the shape of a triangle. Pick a spot an inch behind the ball, draw the triangle and get your heels on the lines.

We want the swing to be as similar to your normal swing so there is no need to open your stance. Simply get your weight mainly in the centre of your stance and just concentrate on hitting that line an inch behind the ball.

There is no need for a big out-to-in move, trust your set-up and keep things simple. And practise at working on being committed. Keep hitting shots by just hitting that spot again and again and accelerate through the ball.

Andy Sullivan tips

The long bunker shot

For this, again, we use the same set-up. The only time you want to play your 60˚ wedge is when you need the loft. From distance it is great when you get it right with your most lofted club but it is so easy to knife or fat it.

From 40 50 yards use the 9-iron or even the 8, employ the same set-up with the triangle and hit an inch behind the ball.

Don’t change the amount of sand you take, just change the club.

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