Andy Murray fancies a career in golf when his playing days are over. And one fellow US Open champion is already eyeing his services

He is undoubtedly the greatest British tennis player of the modern era – perhaps of all time – but after a challenging few years plagued with injuries, Andy Murray is considering what he will do next when he eventually calls time on his glittering career on the court.

And one of his options is golf.

In an interview with Gentleman’s Journal, Murray said: “I love sport, so something else that would interest me post-playing would be working in another sport.

“I got asked about this a little while ago and, because I really like golf, being a caddie on a golf tour would be exciting – to be up close and personal with top golfers and to learn about another sport like that.”

Murray, who won three grand slams including two Wimbledon titles, expressed particular interest in the psychological aspect of caddying.

“There’s probably also some crossover between tennis and golf on the mental side and things,” he explained. “Helping a golfer with that might be interesting.”

There is certainly be a range of benefits to having an accomplished elite athlete with dozens of wins in his profession helping you out. And it didn’t take long for Murray to get his first job offer.

Step forward Justin Rose. Well, they are both US Open champions, after all.

Not a bad way to earn your stripes in the caddie world. But perhaps Murray would be more suited on the bag of an up-and-comer.

Murray, of course, co-founded 77 Sports Management, a company that mentors budding sports stars for the modern world.

“Hopefully I can continue working with the younger athletes after my playing career,” Murray adds. “I made quite a lot of career mistakes on that front when I was younger. And now, I want to help other athletes – and stop them from making those same mistakes.”

One thing’s for sure, he won’t be short of offers.

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