The Hero World Challenge was 18 of the best players in the world going toe-to-toe for four rounds. But do you want to see more of these invitational events?

Yes, says Alex Perry

I loved every minute of it – and not just because it was Tiger Woods’ return to action.

There should be more of these events on both the European and PGA Tours – provided the fields are strong. They are great fun, the players are more relaxed and playing exhibition golf. There’s no cut to worry about, so even if someone like Woods is playing terribly, we know we get him for the distance (provided his back holds out, of course).

I don’t know what it is about them. I find myself hypnotised when I’m watching. I want to watch every shot. Every time the camera cuts to a new player, I’m excited to see what is happening. Exhibition or not, it’s compelling television. And let’s be honest – not all Tour events can promise that.

One a year isn’t enough. We need a few more, at least. We all love watching Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf. Let’s bring back those glory days.

Or go one further. One of the majors should just be the world’s top 20 players. How great would that be?

After all, that is how they started out…

Tiger Woods

No, says Mark Townsend

You’re kidding yourself. The only reason you’re on a high is Tiger. The GOAT’s back and you’ve got a bit giddy with yourself.

I like the concept of having a grasp of what’s going on with a handful of players rather than trying to get my head round the 100+ storylines that we get on a weekly basis but, after a while, it gets a bit tedious.

How many times did Sky have to resort to showing Rickie Fowler’s potted final-round highlights? It gets stale very quickly as there are so few emerging tales as the week goes on.

This was almost a week like no other but, in time, it will be a quiz question as to who actually won. We’ll all just remember what Tiger got up to.

There’s no bigger fan of Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf but it only works at 10pm on a Monday or the middle of the night when you’re looking after a small child.

Yes yes yes to different formats and more team events, heaven forbid even involve some women.

No no no to more twee wheelbarrow events in a holiday resort.

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