Our equipment expert lays out five ways you can make your gear feel like new before the first competition of 2020

Is your course still closed? Why don’t you use the time wisely and get your golf equipment ready for the year ahead?

1. Go and have a fitting

If you’re using off the rack clubs then I can only assume you just like shooting high scores. I cannot emphasise how much better clubs perform when they’ve been set up just for you.

If you like the set you have it is still worth going to a custom fitter as they can tweak the lie angles, length, grips, and even weighting if necessary without you having to buy a full new set.

Also make sure you don’t forget about your putter. Having the right length, lie angle, and alignment is key for your flatstick.

Finally, get fit for the right golf ball. Yes golf balls are part of your equipment and the only thing you use on every shot so make sure you’re using the right one.

2. Check your loft and lie angles

So you’ve been for a fitting and been told the lie angle on your clubs need to be 1° upright, but have you ever actually had them checked?

The lie angle of a club can actually change over time by practising or just by getting knocked so it’s seriously worth checking they’re set up correctly.

If you’ve made swing changes over the winter you may well find you now need different lie angles on your clubs. Don’t worry you don’t need to buy a new set of sticks most pro shops can alter the lie angles of your existing set.

3. Get your clubs re-gripped

The grip is the only contact you have with the club, so if you want to maintain good contact getting the right amount of traction from your grip is a must.

How often you change your grips will vary depending on how much golf you play but in general giving them a swap every 18 months or after you have played 40-5o rounds of golf is a good start.

get your equipment ready for the season

If your grips are visibly worn or feel slippy then it’s definitely time for them to go. I actually find clubs that I practise at the range with need re-gripping more frequently than the rest of my set.

If you’re having your grips changed make sure the new ones are the correct size and have the right amount of tape underneath.

4. Clean your clubs

I know exactly what happens, you’ve slogged it round the course all winter in the mud. Your clubs go straight into the boot of your car, then into your garage until the next game. They haven’t been cleaned except that time you dragged them through a puddle on the 9th fairway last month.

get your equipment ready for the season

Come on, you know those clubs need a deep clean so get out a bucket and give your clubs the polishing they deserve. Especially those wedges don’t expect them to perform around the greens if your grooves are full of mud.

5. Go test some golf shoes

Yes I’m serious, golf shoes are part of your equipment. The right shoes help provide traction and stability throughout the swing so you hit those 300 yard bombs. You’re also out on the course for hours on end and you know you don’t want to start off the new season with a blister, so go on splash the cash on a new pair for 2020.

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I hope that helps get you prepared for the new season. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line in the comments below or on Twitter.