As an avid golfer, you may already be doing more than a casual player to try and gain an edge in your performance. You can stay on top of getting the latest technology, reading magazines and watching videos on new techniques, and so on. 

Another way you can help your performance is with supplements. While they won’t help you drive the ball 100 yards further, or greatly improve the accuracy of your short game, they can help in small but noticeable ways. Here are four examples of a supplement that can help golfers in specific ways.

1. Fish Oil

Fish oil, which you can usually get in the form of a pill to swallow, is very valuable for physical fitness. It is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which act as building blocks for the proteins used by your body to produce new and healthy cells for your muscles, joints, health, and so on. If you want to improve your strength so you can drive the ball a bit further, and maintain your joints so they aren’t as sore after a round of golf, you can try fish oil supplements. 

2. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a great supplement for golfers that suffer from joint pain, especially the elbows, hips and shoulders. One of the common causes of joint issues is having a low level of vitamin D, partially because it is necessary for the absorption of calcium which can reinforce your bones and joints. In fact, you can find a supplement that combines vitamin D and calcium, which can be an effective combination to improve the overall health of your joints. 

3. Amino Acids

Aside from maintaining your physical health and strength, and cutting down on pain, the other vital element to your golfing is the mental side of the game. Being able to concentrate as you line up a put or calculate how hard to swing on your chip shot when 50 yards away from the green is important. That’s why some high level golfers use amino acids as a supplement. They improve the flow of blood to your brain which can increase your attention span and level of focus. 

4. Cannabidiol (CBD)

CBD can help athletes, including golfers. It is a newer but increasingly popular supplement that can achieve everything the above three supplements listed can. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory so it can reduce pain in your joints, muscles and ligaments while you play. It can also improve the blood flow in your brain so you are better able to focus and concentrate on your game. It’s also a strong source of omega fatty acids like fish oil is, so you can build more muscle and maintain your joint health. 

You can take CBD in regular oil form, which comes in a dropper bottle that you use to measure the dose and put the drops on your tongue. You can also get capsules if you want to take it like a pill, or even in a protein powder you can use to help recover from a workout or a long day of golf. 

The best part is that you can take all of these supplements together, though the effectiveness of CBD and fish oil overlap enough that there’s likely no point. However, you can also take CBD with vitamin D, calcium and amino acids. It will give you little boosts to your joint health and concentration.