Gambling and golf have long been associated with one another. For many professional golfers, gambling provided an opportunity to make some quick money outside of tournament winnings. For others, it was simply a way to add some excitement to the game.

Indeed, with the convenience that they are continued to be offered while on tour via internet platforms including the Gamble Online site, where they can discover the best options available to them, it is perhaps hardly a surprise that there are a number of players who have enjoyed a wager here and there once in a while.

However, there are a number of golfers that have since generated a reputation for their love of one of the world’s most popular pastimes. Nonetheless, whatever the reasons may be, gambling has always been a part of golf. 

Here are three famous golfers who were well-known for their love of gambling.

Sandy Lyle

Sandy Lyle is a Scottish golfer who won the Masters Tournament in 1988. He is also well-known for his love of gambling. In fact, Lyle once said that he only turned pro so that he could gamble legally. Lyle has reportedly spent over $2.2 million on different bets. Despite his love of gambling, Lyle has managed to have a successful career on the golf course, winning 29 tournaments worldwide.

Phil Mickelson

Arguably one of the most famous golfers in the world, Phil Mickelson is no stranger to gambling. In fact, he once admitted that he has a gambling problem and has even said that he had to hide his credit cards from his wife because he was spending too much money on gambling.

Recently, it was reported that Mickelson’s gambling problem was so huge, that he had allegedly lost around $40 million between 2010 and 2014, according to his biographer. It was also claimed that he had  made around 50 bets on college basketball games in about 20 minutes while sat in front of a journalist, which was described as it were ‘like he was showing off’. 

Nonetheless, despite his admitted gambling problem, Mickelson has still managed to rack up an impressive amount of winnings both on and off the golf course.

John Daly

John Daly is an American golfer who is best known for his victory at the 1991 PGA Championship. He is also well-known for his off-course antics, which include heavy drinking and gambling. In 2005, Daly told Golf World magazine that he had gambled away between $50-$60 million during his lifetime. Most notably, he once lost $1.65 million dollars in a single night while playing the slots at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Despite his personal struggles, Daly has remained popular with fans and continues to play on the PGA Tour today.


Golf and gambling have always been linked together. For some golfers, gambling is simply a way to make some extra money outside of tournament winnings. For others, it is a way to add some excitement to the game. Whatever the reasons may be, there are many famous golfers who have been known for their love of gambling.

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