Struggling to get to grips with the 2019 Rules of Golf? Don’t worry, we are here to answer all your questions about the new golf rules.

Wondering how to do a 2019 Rules of Golf knee-high drop? Unsure on the 2019 Rules of Golf on leaving the flag in? Want to learn about how tour pros have reacted to the changes?

2019 Rules of Golf

Are you struggling with the complexity of the new Rules of Golf?
Do you think you’re a rules expert? Test your knowledge to see how well you understand the 2019 Rules of Golf.
Why have we even got new rules of golf? Well, they were brought in to help make the game simpler and quicker and fairer.
However, it’s not all gone smoothly on tour. Several tour pros have already fallen foul of the new rules.

New Rules of Golf: On tour

Want to know how the rules of golf have been received on tour?

Here’s how the pros reacted to the 2019 changes.

And here we explain why it will be difficult to get used the new rules – for some players at least.

Such complications have called for some to ask for separate rules for pros and amateurs.

Green books

Can a Green Book really help your game? Steve Carroll visited Close House to find out. Despite this the USGA and R&A had a change of heart regarding green book rules.

Putting with the flag in

Steve has had plenty of adventures with the new Rules of Golf. He even putted with the flagstick in and the world didn’t end!

Our Opinion

Some of us believe the authorities should be applauded for the changes to the Rules of Golf but not all of us are happy with them.

However, some of us are struggling to come to terms with the new Rules of Golf…

Then again, is it too much to ask to expect golfers to read the 2019 Rules of Golf?

For more information visit the R&A or USGA websites.