12 grip options for you: part three

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The final part of our grip guide


Tour PC 360

Redesigned using a new blend of the finest natural and synthetic rubber compounds for a soft feel and enhanced durability. An embossed texture provides exceptional traction in wet or dry conditions.


Soft Touch Wrap

A relaxed feeling while limiting vibration through the use of advanced technology and polyurethane materials. The wrap design provides a better fit for additional stability in dry or wet conditions.


EBL 3Gen

With a pistol shape, this putter has no surface pattern resulting in a super soft feel and ultimate tackiness.


Tour Tradition

Features a smaller, paddle-front design preferred by tour professionals. The rubber construction provides increased feel and responsiveness for more true putts.

Black Widow
Set to become the next step in dual textured grips, the Hybrid has a unique pebble feel on the top-half and a shiny wrap on the lower section. This provides superior comfort and tack for the golfer’s dominant hand throughout the swing.
The Hybrid is available in Black, White and Black Midsize.

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