The Scandinavian (Old)

The Scandinavian (Old)

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In 2002 Jesper Balser, Peter Bang and Torben Wind sold the company they founded in 1983 while students at the Danish Technical University in Copenhagen to Microsoft.

These newly-rich golf-mad entrepreneurs bought the former training ground of Farum Barracks the same year but planning issues meant it wasn’t until 2006 that construction actually began.

They chose Robert Trent Jnr as the architect for their two courses, likely because his stock was high after his successful work on Sweden’s spectacular Bro Hof Slott (Stadium).

And while the American was on site frequently, it was his long-trusted associate Bruce Charlton who saw RTJ’s plans into reality.

The site given to RTJ was 25 minutes north of Denmark’s capital, near Farum, and both the Old and New courses – the American designed both – are laid out in 200 hectares of forest separated by streams that filter into natural ponds.

This natural setting conveys a welcome maturity to courses a decade old.

The Old was initially rated higher than the New in rankings but it is a very, very close call between the two.

The New it is a little tighter than its sister, or at least it is in a visual sense; with the actual width often markedly greater than what appears on the tee.

What is true across both courses is that while they have all the hallmarks of well-built modern championship courses, RTJ and Charlton have incorporated enough strategy off the tee and nuance around the green to raise interest levels. Chris Bertram



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