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Budersand sits on the German island of Sylt, which looks as if it should belong to Denmark given it is next to the Danish west coast.

In a more relevant sense, Budersand should be tackled during a trip to savour the very best courses of Denmark, flying in and out of Billund.

An island course always has some romance to it and this is no exception.

What makes it even more enticing is the fact it is a good stab at the kind of links one would expect in Britain and Ireland.

It was designed by Rolf-Stephan Hansen on an old army shooting ground, which translates to you and I as gorgeous rippling seaside terrain.

The turf is some of the best on the continent, the bunkering is authentic and the green complexes offer enough intrigue to keep one entertained.

The views match the course, and the course itself – with wild marram and the bunkering framing the gently undulating land perfectly.

One of the courses on Continental Europe that encouraged one panellist to use the word ‘epic’, Budersand is an essential trip for the connoisseur.

Unfortunate not to be Germany’s No.1, fitting in just behind heathland masterpiece Falkenstein, it is one of the few modern courses to make our Continental top 20. Chris Bertram

* A comprehensive review of Budersand will appear here in June 2020.



Rolf-Stephan Hansen

+49 4651 4492710

Fernsicht 1, , Hörnum (Sylt) , Germany , 25997