The Galvin Green Ebbot Skintight Base layer is a crew neck, long sleeve thermal top.

Specially developed with a combination of hi-tech fibres and an advanced knitting technique, the garment remains comfortable and breathable with exceptional moisture transportation.

Available in White or Black with Gunmetal shoulder stitching.

Galvin Green Ebbot features

Galvin Green Ebbot

  • Skintight Thermal is specially developed for golf in cold weather conditions
  • Featuring thermal insulation technology for optimum warmth
  • Maximum breathability enables the release of excess heat and moisture
  • Easy care, just regular machine wash

Galvin Green Ebbot tech facts

Galvin Green Ebbot

Thermal is the latest Galvin Green base layer concept in the Skintight range. Specially developed for optimum warmth in cold conditions.

The combination of advanced knit technology and high-technology fibre gives a light, airy material structure that binds a lot of warmth. Specifically developed for golf in cold weather, the thermal insulation properties provide maximum comfort, breathability and moisture transportation.

Sizes: S-XXL

More information can be found on the Galvin Green website.