Galvin Green pride themselves on staying ahead of the competition when it comes to waterproofs.

The Swedish brand have become market leaders thanks to their precise attention to detail, use of materials and cutting-edge technology.

Their range for 2017 features all-new C-Knit technology – an extra layer which helps jackets and shells ‘slide and glide’ easily over items underneath.

Performance on the golf course is at the forefront of everything that Galvin do – from the way there’s just the right amount of stretch around the elbows to the strength of the material at the bottom of the trousers.

To test out the new suits we ran a competition offering four readers the chance win a C-Knit suit and wear it during a round on the Ailsa Course at Trump Turnberry.

We were certain the Ayrshire coast in early March would throw up some weather to put the suits through their paces.

As it happens, that was exactly the case – but not quite in the way we expected.

Glorious sunshine and clear blue skies greeted our four readers as they arrived on the first tee.

But there was a stiff, chilly breeze and always the chance of some menacing clouds being sent inland.

C-Knit: The tech

The C-Knit backer features in full (SRP: £380) and half-zip (£360) waterproof jackets in Gavin’s Part 1 collection for 2017.

The Japanese-made technology is also included in the trousers (£330) and helps them slide easily over the top of garments underneath.

The three-layer jackets are actually lighter than the two-layer GoreTex options in the range.

“C-Knit represents the next generation of golf rainwear and another ‘first’ for Galvin Green as the pioneering brand in the waterproofs sector,” said Christian Nilsson, CEO/Managing Director.

“A revolutionary fabric technology has been integrated into garments designed for golfers by golfers to offer maximum protection from the elements, while being amazingly lightweight and stylish at the same time.”

The trousers also feature an elasticated waist with drawstring and long leg openings with water-repellent zips at the back rather than the sides.

“The amazingly smooth texture of the C-Knit jackets and trousers are the result of five years of testing different fabric combinations to avoid the kind of rainwear that proves stiff, heavy, noisy or snags on other clothing,” added Creative Director Mats Lundqvist. “As European Ryder Cup players and staff who were the first to wear them reported after rounds at Hazeltine, there’s no protective golf clothing quite like them.”

From the Pro shop: Turnberry’s Colin McKellar

We’ve always believed in Galvin, it really is one of the top waterproof brands.

Everyone believes in GoreTex and there are a lot of brands who carry GoreTex branding however the manoeuvrability of Galvin Green, the trustworthiness of the products and now the lightweight nature of the new C-Knit technology which really pushes the boundaries.

There are days out there on the golf course where you effectively need a dry-suit – something more suited to watersports but we like to say that Galvin is about as close as you can get.

It’ll keep you dry out there even when the links winds are making that rain come in at a 90˚ angle.

Here people talk about getting the four seasons in one day and I have definitely seen it first hand. It can change very quickly.

As soon as the Ailsa Craig disappears you know it’s time to go into the bag and get the waterproofs. It can go as quickly as it comes. The beauty of C-Knit is it’s manoeuvrable when you’re playing in it but ideal for those that like to have a jacket that can come on and off quickly – without that mesh layer in there it just goes on and off really easily.

C-Knit: On the day

The C-Knit suits are incredibly lightweight and comfortable – ideal for those days when you’re just not sure if it’ll stay dry.

Although it threatened towards the end of the round, the rain never arrived.

But none of our four readers felt the need to remove either the jacket or the trousers at any point during the 18 holes.

We tested the waterproofing of the suits afterwards and were amazed how the material didn’t even allow water to rest on it for a second.

Getting caught in a downpour is where Galvin Green suits really come into their own but being able to play and barely notice you are wearing one is a real added bonus.

Once criticism of waterproof suits is they can can be baggy in the wrong places and get in the way when trying to swing.

Our readers were relatively new to Galvin Green suits and had wondered what all the fuss (and premium price tags) were all about.

They felt they were being protected from the wind and any potential rain without any compromise on comfort and their ability to play golf.

It’s fair to say they were blown away by the performance as much as they were by the stunning Ailsa course. – James Savage.

Reader verdicts

Tom Guest

Club: Cleobury Mortimer

Handicap: 22

First impressions 

I recently bought myself a new set of waterproofs.  As soon as I had tried on the Galvin suit, I knew my old set wouldn’t be seeing the course again any time soon.

The fit

There is just the right amount of freedom to move in the jacket without it being restrictive in the arms or shoulders during my swing.

On the course 

I have never really been a big fan of playing in waterproofs as I have always felt like the jacket impedes my swing. The lightweight Galvin suit felt no different to wearing a normal golf top.


There is a drawstring toggle neatly hidden away behind a flap on the rear of the waistband to tighten the trousers, but personally I always like to wear a belt when playing.

Standout feature

The most eye-catching feature is the water-repellent technology involved – run water over the suit and it vanishes instantly leaving the suit dry to the touch.

Paul Judge

Club: Cleobury Mortimer

Handicap: 19

First impressions

I’ve never worn Galvin Green before. My first impression was that I loved the colour and it felt really good quality.

The fit

The fit of the trousers was excellent. I went with XXL jacket and whilst it was slightly too big the comfort was excellent. I particularly like the fit around the neck and the cuffs.

On the course 

I didn’t feel restricted at all and I would wear them regardless of the weather.


None that I could find.

Standout feature

The material around the cuffs was so comfortable and I couldn’t believe just how incredibly waterproof they were. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Paul Jackson

Club: Addington

Handicap: 5

First impressions

Waterproofs can be fairly thick and restrict my swing. Cuffs often get in the way of my grip. The CKnit is extremely lightweight and the construction of the cuffs mean that the sleeve stays up the arm and away from my grip.

The fit

Very comfortable, the medium fits me perfectly.  I like the half zip as sometimes a full zip bunches up and gets in the way when putting and chipping.

On the course

Very unrestrictive. I will avoid wearing waterproofs at all costs, it has to be pouring down for me to give in and put a waterproof top on.  Because these are so lightweight I would happily wear the C-Knit even as a wind breaker.


I didn’t get the Velcro strap around the rib cage

Standout feature

The cuffs – they were excellent. When the cuffs get in the way it is usually my biggest gripe with waterproof tops and golf tops in general.

Chris Badrick

Club: Addington

Handicap: 14

First impressions

The design was sharp, a bit different. I liked the two-tone effect of the black and grey combination. Not too fussy or flashy. Understated and cool.

The fit

Trousers fitted well, maybe a bit big around the waist, as I had to keep hitching them up, had I spent a bit more time adjusting the elastic then they would have been fine. I liked the Velcro on the ankles that tighten them up to stop them flapping.

On the course

Kept the chilly wind off and with the sun on our backs I was not melting as can be the case with some waterproofs that you’d take off immediately after it stops raining, so it will be a bonus on showery days to be able to keep them on.


I liked the white zips on the trousers but they might not be to everyone’s taste.

Standout feature

Light and airy. I felt I could play my normal game and I did not get hot and bothered which has been an issue with waterproofs in the past, I’ll actually look forward to wearing them in the rain!

C-Knit: Our verdict

It takes no longer than a couple of seconds to appreciate that the new C-Knit jacket is a cut above. Or to be precise, the time it takes to slip your arms into the sleeves.

Taking this jacket on and off is a delight. Normally, that results in a trade-off of baggy sleeves that interfere with the swing but not with C-Knit. I can best describe the cuffs as being elastic but not in a way that catches.

It’s incredibly light to wear – much the same as a PacLite. And yet it’s more comfortable and more breathable.

There are no pockets, because this is a jacket to play golf in. And all pockets do is add bulk and get in the way.

As for the trousers, they are light too, and the contrasting zips really look sharp. Again, they feel like PacLite but with more comfort.

So what’s the catch? Well, the price tag is the short answer. Beyond that, I suppose it is not the quietest suit I have ever worn.

But to swing in, to get on and off, to move in and for the overall look and feel, it doesn’t get any better than this in the world of waterproofs. – Dan Murphy