Galvin Green are the official outerwear suppliers to the European Ryder Cup team so we found out how the relationship came about and why they were chosen.

Galvin Green Ryder Cup

We also talk about how Galvin continue to innovate with new technology and materials along with how and where they have positioned themselves within the golf market.

Galvin Green Ryder Cup

Galvin Green brand ethos

The serious golfer never compromises on his game or his equipment. He is focused. Leaves nothing to chance. Every decision is carefully weighed. Down to the smallest detail. He appraises every option. And when none prove optimal, he pursues new paths and unconventional solutions.

Galvin Greed Dash

The serious golfer is devoted to the sport. He does his utmost to develop and improve. Earns respect for his professionalism and dedication. Some may feel that he aims too high in his striving for perfection, though he is not overly concerned with what others think. He knows what he wants and goes after it.

The serious golfer does what he believes in – in every situation. Precisely the quality that makes him successful.

Galvin Green Bruce

Welcome to the world of Galvin Green.

More information can be found on the Galvin Green website.