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Golf is widely known as a game of etiquette and manners, but that doesn’t mean you can’t lose your cool.

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Some take a tantrum to the extremes, and have included throwing clubs, swearing, ball throwing and even throwing the flag like a javelin.

So we’ve curated our top 10 golfing tantrums for you to enjoy.

10. Hennie Otto misses putt (several times) at the 2005 Nashua Masters




It’s annoying to miss a two-foot putt when you’re playing for bragging rights with your mates, but imagine when each place on the leaderboard could be the difference between a Ford Focus and a Mercedes-Benz.

The South African proceeds to self-implode and then the rest. Well you’ll have to watch to see how hideous an incident this really is.
Watch the video here.
9. Tiger Woods kicks club at 2012 Masters




The favourite to win the famous ’Green Jacket’ coming into Augusta in 2012, the 14-time Major champion had just come off the back of his first PGA Tour win in 30 months.

But after scraping his was to even par on the first day at Augusta National, Woods had an absolute horror show in his second round.

An errant tee-shot at the 16th hole saw his ball head straight into a greenside bunker, and after dropping his club, Tiger kicked it in disgust.

Tiger eventually bogeyed the hole.
Click here to see the full video.
8. Sergio Garcia goes Happy Gilmore in a bunker




Sergio is an emotional guy, but at the 2010 PGA Championship, the Spaniard completely lost it in a six-over round.

After finding the bunker in the latter stages of his round, Garcia’s recovery attempt was way below the level required, and the sand felt the wrath of El Nino.

He managed the same feat only a few years later at the Dubai Desert Classic – stay out of the sand in future Sergio!
Click here to see the full video.
7. Woody Austin throws ball in lake and whacks his bag




Florida native, Austin, is surely more famous for his short temper than his golf at this point in time.

The man who fell into a pond during the 2007 Presidents Cup was perplexed when his four-foot putt rolled past the hole whilst holding a respectable nine-under score when this outburst occurred.

After holding the anger in, Austin threw his ball in the lake and proceeded to try and take a chunk out of his golf bag shortly after.
Click here to see the full video.
6. Henrik Stenson breaks club at the 2011 US Open




It seems that the Swede is not the ice-man we all assume.

Stenson seems to have a history of breaking clubs, with him even breaking a club at the 2015 Masters, this is one of our favourites though.

After an awful approach shot, Stenson proceeds to snap his club – with relative ease we might add – over his hand and cuts himself in the process.

We’re sure he instantly regret his actions.
Click here to see the full video.
5. Sergio Garcia throws club into lake




It would be too easy to have a top 10 tantrums of Sergio Garcia, but his flawless technique when releasing his 5-iron is almost poetry in motion, with a hint of danger.

After finding the lake with his first shot in Thailand, the 11-time European Tour winner’s second attempt off the tee sails wide of the mark, Garcia then loosens up his grip on his TaylorMade 5-iron.

The technique really is spectactular.
Click here to see the full video.
4. Charley Hoffman chucks his putter in the water at the Players Championship




Another short putt gets missed, another player loses their temper and chucks their club into a lake.

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This time one of the worst haircuts, and worst tantrums collide, with Charley ’business up front – party round back’ Hoffman launching his putter into the lake at TPC Sawgrass.

Anything to detract from that mullet mate.
Click here to see the full video.
3. Rory throws club in lake at Cadillac Championship




Some might say this might be a little high on this list, but again it’s the technique that makes this so good, and of course Donald Trump confirming that he would fish the Northern Irishman’s club from the lake.

His 222-yard approach doesn’t manage the clear the water, and finds the drink in spectacular fashion.

Uncharacteristically, he then launches his iron into the lake with some venom, rumour has it that it travelled nearly 100-yards.

All that gym work is certainly paying off…
Click here to see the full video.
2. Woody Austin breaks putter on his head




Already coming in on this list, Woody uses his noggin’ for something other than thinking during a terrible round at the Verizon Heritage way back in 1997.

His lacklustre attempt at a 30 yard putt comes up way short, and so Austin decides to beat the stupid out of himself with his putter shaft.

His club was bent out of shape and basically unusable – plus we bet it hurt!
Click here to see the full video.
1. Sergio Garcia chucks his shoe




This is so hilarious it can’t ever be considered malicious.

During Garcia’s rookie year, he lost his temper but obviously didn’t know how to vent.

So he did the only thing he could think of – he took off his shoe and chucked it into the crowd.

Luckily for him a spectator threw it back, where the Spaniard proceeded to have a little kick-about until finally putting it back on and continuing his round.
Click here to see the full video here.
Notable mentions



Pat Perez swearing like a trooper




Pat Perez plays up to his bad boy reputation – including notoriously refusing to sign autographs for young fans when losing out to Scott Piercy at the Reno-Tahoe Open.

But swearing like a trooper on live TV? Gentleman’s game Pat, try to remember some decorum.
Click here to see the full video.

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