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The Masters can often be the first and last outing for some outfits...

There’s something about major championships which can often bring out the worst in golfers when it comes to their clothing.

Many golfers are contracted to certain clothing brands and the majors are where they are going to get the most exposure, but surely golfers have the right to say ’that looks silly, I’m not wearing that’?.

Or maybe it should be the job of the clothing manufacturer to say ’that looks sill, you’re not wearing that’?.

Either way, it means we are often treated to some pretty awful outfits.

With the Masters just around the corner we look at some of the worst outfits from over the years.

Some can be forgiven for being young, some simply haven’t learned from their mistakes.

1. Lee Westwood


One of the biggest taking points of the 2014 Masters was the decision by Lee Westwood to make himself as (high) visible as possible in the opening two rounds.

Had there been a health and safety issue leading up to the event? Had he been out jogging in the early hours and nearly run over by a car? Was it a tactic to distract his playing partner?

In the bright Augusta sunshine, Westwood was illuminated to the point of needing sunglasses to look at him.

2. Phil Mickelson


Phil doesn’t normally set too many alarm bells ringing and plays it quite conservatively.

But for some strange reason he likes to go for what I call the “wedding pants” on the last day of a major.

I’m not really a fan of a full pin-stripe suit but where’s the logic in just wearing a pair of pin-stripe trousers?

He also has a bit of Masters ’previous’ – notably his Banoffee Pie outfit from the 2012 event.

3. Bubba Watson


It took Bubba a few attempts to master the course at Augusta but it took him even longer to get a grip of his scripting.

Some people may think the top-button-done-up look is something recent, mainly adopted by young men with beards in tight jeans. But Bubba was way ahead of his time.

He’s hardly upped his game to style-icon level but at least he’s had a nice Green Jacket to put on in two of his last three visits.

4. Nick Faldo


Everyone remembers the 1996 Masters for the way Nick Faldo was able to grind his way to a famous victory over Greg Norman.

As a mark of respect, dad’s across the land were keen to adopt the striped shirt-look for the remainder of the 1990s.

A quick look through the history books reveals there were a few other styles championed by Faldo which didn’t didn’t quite catch on.

5. Ricky Fowler


We’ve come to expect some fairly bright colour combos from our Californian friend over the years.

Sometimes he pulls it off, sometimes he looks like a bit of a clown.

I’ve no problem with Ricky’s Orange outfit for the final round of a major – I do have a slight issue when it is replicated by the club golfer for a monthly medal.

When you are as good as Fowler, you can get away with it.

It’s a bit like the footballer in the bright coloured boots. There’s no need to put any extra pressure on yourself.

6. Ian Poulter


It’s not hard to find pictures of Ian Poulter wearing a questionable outfit as he set his stall out fairly early in his career.

The Englishman is happy to make headlines for what he wears on the course. He owns his own clothing brand so when people talk about what he’s wearing then that’s job done as far as he’s concerned.

People started to take particular note at Royal Troon for the 2004 Open Championship. The Union Jack trousers caused a fair bit of unnecessary controversy.

What he wore for the rest of the week was more difficult to describe – so people didn’t bother.

7. John Daly


Too easy. Again, when you have your own clothing brand it’s probably an aim to gain inclusion in lists like this.

8. Billy Horschel


Heading into the 2014 Tour Championship, all eyes were on Billy Horschel.

The American had come from nowhere to be in pole-position for the $10m Fed Ex Cup first prize.

What did he do? Arrived on Sunday dressed as a deckchair.

9. Ricky Barnes


The All-American starlet won the US Amateur in 2002 after borrowing his mate’s dad’s shirt.

Jump forward 13 years and he still hasn’t quite nailed his on-course look.

10. Steve Stricker


On the ’how to dress like a golfer’ textbook front cover, there would probably be a picture of Steve Stricker – in a pair of cream chinos.

As we’ve seen from some examples in the list above, there’s no need to try and be too clever. But anything that can encourage the younger audience to take an interest in golf is a good thing.

We’ve got nothing against Steve, he’s a hero for your average middle-aged golfer.

He actually managed to wear the same boring outfit in two consecutive Masters tournaments.

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