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Leverage equals power

The importance of the wrists
Author: PGA professional Richard Lambert
on 27 March 2012
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How good is your grip?

Many club golfers struggle to create leverage in their swings as they do not understand how their wrists will move in the swing. Get yourself opposite a mirror and see if you can perform the following movements with your hands remaining in a solid position on the grip. If not, it is likely you have a poor grip. If you can learn to move your wrists in these directions, you will be able to create leverage and power in your swing.


Grip the club with your left hand and hinge upwards. If the toe doesn’t rise straight, your grip is strong or weak.


From this hinged position, rotate your left forearm clockwise until the shaft is parallel to the target line.

Hinge again

In your right hand, try get the shaft parallel with the ground. The toe should be pointing in the air again.

All together

Here you can see how the two hinge motions have worked together. Try this opposite a mirror to check your progress.
Richard Lambert is head pro at Crosland Heath in Huddersfield. Visit or call 01484 653 877



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