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Garcia frame-by-frame

Gary Alliss breaks down the Spaniard's moves
Author: PGA Master Professional Gary Alliss
on 26 October 2011
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Knees flexed

His address position is slightly different – his knees are more flexed than usual and his knee caps – being almost above the ends of his shoes – and hands are both lower and a tad nearer to his legs. These arise because of his flexibility.

All as one

A very orthodox one-piece takeaway. Club, hands, left arm all moving away together, no hint of an early wrist break here and definitely a start to the swing to copy.

Different move

We can just detect the beginnings of why Sergio’s swing action is different to others, he is turning his upper body but his hips are hardly turning and his weight is moving only marginally to his right side.

Going back in time

A big upper body turn with minimal weight transfer to the right side and a three-quarter length arm swing. This is very reminiscent of swings from the 1960s.

From the hip

There is massive hip clearance which, while impossible to see in a photo, be assured he has moved his upper body towards the target, ‘covering the ball’ for a very delayed release of the wrist and right elbow angles.

Square the face

Bingo – Garcia fires his right arm and club through the impact with huge extension down the line. The steep angle of attack allows Sergio to hold the face square to the target line and swing path for longer than virtually any other player. It’s why he drives it so accurately.

Arc de triomphe

Because the upper body and spine retain the angle well into the followthrough we see a really wide arc after impact. His left elbow bends a bit sooner than some due to the position of his sternum.

On its way

Perfect poise, balance and committment to the shot as Sergio stares down yet another shot homing in on the flagstick.
Analysis by Gary Alliss. Gary is the PGA Master Professional at Ladbrook Park. For more visit



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