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Pete Cowen believes he can change the dynamics of your golf swing in just 15 minutes

Pete Cowen is one the worlds leading golf coach’s. His coaching has transformed Henrik Stenson into one of the best ball strikers golf has ever seen. Also, he guided the Swede to his maiden major at Royal Troon this year where Stenson was crowned Champion Golfer of the Year.

Success for Cowen also came earlier in the year when his guidance also helped Danny Willett to a surprise Green Jacket at Augusta.

How to load and unload the shoulders for efficient energy transfer

When I talk to my players about the inner workings of the golf swing I always come back to the simple analogy of a car and a powertrain.

You can have the best engine in the world, perfectly balanced steering to match but the car will only perform as well as it allows itself to.

Here is my first of my ‘signature’ exercises. It is a real work out that will wake up the muscles in the body to the job of creating and repeating an athletic swing.

They key to dynamics at work in the sequence you see here is that the hands are placed palm-down. Retain that relationship to the arms all the way through the motion.

Activating your muscles in this way is the pre-ignition, the switch-on mechanism that initiates your first move away. This sets up a chain reaction that takes you all the way to the finish.

In order to enjoy the full power potential within the shoulders you have to train the muscles to load and unload correctly and efficiently.

Keeping your hands in the palm-out position activates the muscle chain running up through the arms and into the shoulders.

The Exercise


Let your arms hang freely and then hinge your wrists to position your hands with your palms to the ground.

The pre-ignition sees the muscles in the upper arms and shoulders make this subtle first move.

The hands should now be in the middle of the sternum. The gradual build up of pressure is now very real in the shoulders and torso.

The ‘loading’ of the shoulders has been made in the relation to the direction of the motion.

You should be aware that there is real athletic tension in the muscles as the arms and hands fall into a natural position.

Feel your weight start to push towards the ground as you begin your follow-through. use the resistance to spring the release ‘up’ as you continue to finish.

Keep those palms out all the way to the finish and hold your balance. Your hips should be fully cleared, your chest pointing left of the target and your right foot on it’s toe.

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