Charley Hull on the new season and Lydia Ko’s win

Tackling Royal Melbourne and playing alongside the new world no.1

A new season and a new coach. Two months ago I began working with Matt Belsham who works with a few players on the men’s European Tour and who my caddy recommended to me.

Without getting too technical we have worked on my posture, backswing and impact positions so have begun to change quite a bit and the results – I was 2nd and 7th in the two events in Australia – have so far have been promising.

I have put on a little bit of distance and I am striking the ball a lot better but I still feel like I tend to go by what feels right.

I was lucky enough to have 10 days with my new coach in Dubai before going to Australia where a friend and I were able to practise from 9-6 every day at The Els Club. The weather and facilities there are perfect and it gives you a real chance to start the year with a bit of confidence.

The opening event of the season came on the Gold Coast before we made our way to the incredible Royal Melbourne course which is one of the best in the world.

In Queensland I was tied for the lead going into the last round but an early treble bogey, which included an air shot attempting a recovery before then taking a drop, knocked me back. But I finished with an eagle and was pretty pleased overall with the week.

In Melbourne I had a four-putt on the first day but still managed to be round in two under so I feel like I have matured a little bit since turning pro.

Then on the Saturday I was sick all night with maybe heatstroke or food poisoning so that wasn’t ideal.

It is hard to say how much I have changed as I am me all the time, if that makes sense, but I have definitely become more consistent week to week.

I still feel like I have got so much to work on and can improve a lot and that’s why I have these little hiccups from time to time. I turned pro very early so I feel like I was immature and there is a lot to polish up but hopefully I’m doing OK.

In terms of course management I do have a game plan but I also like to go with the flow and a lot depends on how I’m playing on the day and other things like the wind.

I might be flushing it and have a lot of adrenaline or I might not so it’s never quite as simple as just saying that I’ll be aggressive all day, I’m quite happy to play to the middle of the green when I have to.

we seem to spend a lot of our time talking about food Congratulations to Lydia Ko on becoming the new World No. 1 at the age of 17! I played with Lydia in the first two rounds in Melbourne, we seem to get paired together in pretty much every LPGA tournament that we both play in, and it wasn’t a big surprise to see her win.

She is so straight and tidy and has probably the best course management that I have seen.
She is also lovely and very normal and we seem to spend a lot of our time talking about food.

It’s not long now until the first Major of the year and I can’t wait. I love it at Mission Hills, it was the first ever professional event that I played in three years ago, and I made the cut, and last year I was two back going into the Sunday. Everything about the place is special; the course, the California sunshine, the greens and the 18th which I’ve yet to take on though hopefully I’ll be a bit more in range this year.

People have asked me what I would do if I did win in terms of the jump into Poppie’s Pond beside the last hole. I would imagine that it would be me, my dad and my caddy but there wouldn’t be any diving involved!

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