5 Minutes with: Annabel Dimmock

We talk to Annabel Dimmock, winner of the Helen Holm championship and the Sunningdale Foursomes

“This is my first year playing golf full time and I’m playing a lot of tournaments. I’m going in without too much expectation and just looking to build my confidence.

“I’m 100 per cent not going to go to college. It suits a lot of people but it doesn’t really appeal to me. The hot weather and playing in the sunshine is honestly so appealing, but I’ve got my coach at home, I’m a member of a really nice course and I’ve got a lot of good friends who I play with at home.

There are so many girls in the England team and it’s neck-and-neck to get in “It would be so exciting if I got into the Curtis Cup team, especially as it’s in America. I play better when people are around me and I’m in front of crowds. I love playing in America and the courses out there suit my game.

“There are so many girls in the England team and it’s neck-and-neck to get in. The competition has pushed us all on.

“I play at Wentworth, which is lovely! Sometimes it’s such a slog around the West Course off the whites, but when you get to competitions you feel so much more confident about everything because you’ve been practising on a tougher course.

“I make my practice harder than my playing. I think that’s good for me and since I’ve been full time it has really helped.

“I would rather turn pro sooner than later, I don’t want to leave it too long.”

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