Frame-by-frame: 2010 PGA champ Martin Kaymer

What can you learn from the 2011 PGA Champion's swing? A lot, says Master Pro Gary Alliss...

We know Martin has tried to alter his swing to produce a draw flight but his statistics show some odd anomalies for a top performer.

He is right on the money with his long-iron play but his combined driving is very poor and he appears to be abysmally weak from inside 100 yards.

In my opinion he is stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea.

A player who made it right to winning a Major is trying to alter his natural action and the result is too many shots missing to the right, too many drives not launched at the perfect angle, coupled with excessive backspin, leading to some inaccuracy and lack of distance.

Plus, wildly uncontrolled wedge play caused by variable back spin, allied to inconsistent clubface delivery stemming from excessive late release.

Interestingly, this flawed impact is generally not harmful to mid and longer shots from the fairway.

Swing analysis by Gary Alliss. Gary is the PGA Master Professional at Ladbrook Park

Martin’s 2012 stats

Driving accuracy: 66.5% (37th)
Driving distance: 296.8 yds (29)
Greens In Regulation: 73.3% (21)
Putts per GIR: 1.75 (22)
Putts per round: 29.5 (50)

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